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TIP prints

Turn In Poachers (TIP) commissions Minnesota artists, to create wildlife prints. These prints are available for purchase, through the TIP office. The cost is $50.00 for unframed prints or $160.00 for framed prints, plus shipping.   Lifetime members may purchase prints for $30.00 unframed or $130.00 framed, plus shipping. Below are the prints still available for purchase.


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2011/30th Anniversary Print of the Year by Robert Hautman


2009 "Night Owl" by Jim Hansel


 Jim’s painting of a Great Horned Owl, entitled “Night Owl”


2008 "Crappie Talk" by Terry Maciej

Crappie Talk

2007 "Estrus" by Patrick Gibbs




2006 "Bud's Minnesota Haven" by Mark Thone and Bud Grant 


Bud's MN Haven


2005 "Winter Bliss" by Darrell Bush


Winter Bliss


2003 "Trail's End Sanctuary” by Jim Kasper

Trail's End Sanctuary

2002 "Feathered Friends" by Jim Hautman

Feathered Friends

2001 "Fishin' Buddies" by Joe Hautman

Fishin Buddies


2000 "Pals" by Tom Wosika



1999 "Whitewater Residents" by Thomas Moen


Whitewater Residents

1995 "Autumn Rendezvous" by Bruce Miller


A list of all the TIP commissioned prints, which may or may not be available:

1982 - "Northern Bills" by Les Kouba

1983 - "Lac Qui Parle Honkers" by Les Kouba - Bud Grant

1984 - "Winter Whitetail" by Richard Plasschart

1985 - "The Old Drumming Log" by Gary Moss

1986 - "Winter Sentinel" by Daniel Smith

1987 - "Outback" by James Meger

1988 - "Settlin' In" by Brian Jarvi

1989 - "Northern Guard" by Michael Sieve

1990 - "Wings of Winter" by Richard Plasschart

1991 - "Soaring High" by Kevin Daniel

1992 - "Tranquil Waters Loon" by Robert Hautman

1993 - "Reflections - Moose" by Marian Anderson

1994 - "Out Foxin'" by Ron Gilder

1995 - "Nothern Explorers" by James Hautman

1996 - "Autumn Rendevous" by Bruce Miller

1997 - "Time to Leave" by Les Kouba - Bud Grant

1998 - "Home Again" by David Moss

1999 - "Heartland Trio - Pheasants" by Gary Moss

2000 - "Whitewater Residents" by Thomas Moen

2001 - "Pals" by Thomas Wosika

2002 - "Fishin' Buddies" by James Hautman

2003 - "Feathered Friends" by James Hautman

2004 - "Trails End Sanctuary - Ruffed Grouse" by Jim Kasper

2005 - "Winter Bliss" by Darrel Bush

2006 - "Bud's Minnesota Haven" by Mark Thone - Bud Grant

2007 - "Estrus" by Pat Gibbs

2008 - "Crappie Talk" by Terry Maciej

2009 - "Night Owl" by Jim Hansel

2011 - "Back of the Bay" Robert Hautman

Other Prints that TIP has available, which are not TIP commissioned prints:

1992 "Spring Thaw - Trumpeter Swans" by James Hautman - Wild Wings Print

Spring Thaw - Trumpeter Swan


The next Regular Board Meeting will be on December 19, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. It will be held at the Turn In Poachers Building, in Brainerd.  Regular Board Meetings are at 7:00 P.M., on the third Tuesday of every quarterly month and starting with March. Meetings are held in March, June, September, and December.


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